October 2015

Workshop “Smart Cities” at Optus Sydney
23 October 2015, Sydney

Keynote “Disruptive Innovation in Asset Intensive Industries” at Asset Institute Annual Forum
23 October 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 30min

Workshop “Digital Innovation” at Impact Academy
19 October 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 2h

Keynote: “Process and systems integration in Digital Economy” at Objective Corporation Conference
15 October 2015, Sydney, Australia, Duration: 45 min

Workshop: “The Proactive Government” for QLD Government at PwC Innovation Hub
6 October 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 2h30min

Keynote: “Future careers in IT” at STEM Camp Brisbane
1 October 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 15min
Keynote at STEM Camp Brisbane

Workshop: “Future IS Grand Opportunities in the digital economy: Industry view” at Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems
1 October 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 1h

September 2015

Workshop: “Systemic ideation” at Energy 3.0 Student Design Jam
29 September 2015, Brisbane, Duration: 1h

SDJ Energy 3.0
SDJ Energy 3.0

Keynote: “Delighting customers” at Australia Post conference
10 September 2015, Brisbane
“Hats off to whoever found this star!”
“An excellent session and also very entertaining. I think I could have listened for another hour.”
“best ever.All Aust post staff could do to see the video clips. More areas of management should see his presentation.”

August 2015

Digital Identity 3.0” opening keynote and emcee at Digital Identity 3.0
31 August 2015, Brisbane

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