Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy at QUT
Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy at QUT

Nothing excites me more than exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems that businesses or individuals face. I love to learn, teach others, and work with small and larger teams to build jaw dropping solutions.

With my strong innovation implementation experience, I am passionate about helping others innovate. I believe that everyone, given the right support, can be innovative.

I have a strong academic background with high quality publication record, history of organizing successful conferences and serving advisory roles. I have taught and advised hundreds of graduate students.

I lead teams of researchers and developers in innovative projects. In one of my past roles I drove the set up of a brand new SAP Research centre in Singapore, and currently I am the global content and strategy lead for SAP’s newest, flagship series of developer events, d-kom.

I am a co-founder of Business Information Systems Institute (I2G), a successful spin-off delivering high quality R&D services in statistical NLP, information extraction, data mining and data integration.

Things I am good at:

(1) Working with teams to spark innovation and achieve outstanding results. I worked with teams to create numerous innovative concepts in the enterprise software space leading teams from 2 to over 50 people, using SAP (including BusinessObjects) and non-SAP technologies.

(2) Evangelizing technology. I speak in front of audiences as large as 10’000 people (such as SAP TechEd 2011 in Bangalore), and I have consistently been well received by the audiences – multiple awards for top speakers.

(3) Community enablement. Recognized as an active contributor and SAP Mentor in the SAP Community Network, I blog about innovative projects, maintaining a broad network of top SCN contributors.

(4) Understanding, shaping and driving business value of innovation. I delivered a number of innovative solutions to customers, solving their problems.

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